For any type of driving, winter has perhaps the least optimal conditions. With ice, snow, and slush, your vehicle can easily slide or skid. But, using tires designed for the winter can help you avoid this unfortunate situation. Therefore, think about changing your tires early and enjoy the peace of mind. To make sure you have tires ready for the winter, you must buy a set early. Getting your vehicle ready in advance for the upcoming winter ensures you don’t get stranded somewhere because of an unexpected snowstorm or cold snap.

Here are reasons for buying your winter tires early.

Take Advantage of a Full Inventory

Tire stores have ready inventory for snow tires months before winter. If you want to get the leftover tires later, by tires which suit your needs now. Also, buying tires early lets you benefit from an optimal tire selection. Settling with what is left will downplay the significance of the choice you have to make.

Choose the Right Kind of Tires for your Car

If your vehicle is a sedan, you must get the right kind of tires earlier. The majority of snow tires for BMW, Audi, Porsche are extremely limited in terms of options. Makers of these tires have a limited inventory so you can expect these tires to fly off the shelves.

Avoid Nasty Surprises

Although the law can have an official deadline for installing snow tires, the weather can have its own schedule. Snow can begin to fall earlier than usual, leaving you with some nasty surprises. The weather is unpredictable and buying new tires earlier in the fall can save you from the unexpected.

Unlike tires designed for the summer, which tend to harden as temperature drops, tires for the winter feature a rubber gum composition with an improved road grip which reduces the braking distance by 25%. Thus, a drop in temperature will not affect your driving performance in the fall.

Some drivers delay their switch to snow tires because of fear of premature winter tire wear. If you are one of them, you can choose to buy early and put off the installation after the first snow falls. But, keep in mind that when you delay the switch, this could translate to extra wear on your summer tires. Overall, it is a smart move to change over to a winter tire earlier since these tires perform better when the temperature plummets.


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