AMG is one of the classiest and popular types of vehicles under the range of Mercedes series. It has got some amazing features that make your driving an unimaginable experience for life. Its bespoke features at a budget unconstrained price make it a perfect one to add in your garage. It is designed to fulfill every possible motoring requirement of a person. Every single thing about this vehicle simply stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Interior design

The new Mercedes AMG is large and roomier inside. This car provides more than sufficient legroom space within the cabin, which many of the modern cars are lacking. There is also a massive central bin where you can simply throw keys, store your phone and other accessories easily. This space is not seen in most of the branded car models these days. Its giant cross drilled brakes give you a decent cornering speed. This makes the driving a pleasant and safe experience.


It provides all-round comfort and a lot nice to drive over varying surfaces. It is more updated and modern vehicles in tech accessories that provides heightened driving performance on and off road. Some of its features include circular driving lights, signature vertical grille slats, and multi beam LED headlights.


The number one reason why people are very excited and gravitated to own AMG Mercedes is because it gives a combination of an extremely practical and capable 4×4 engine that is not just powerful but also looks incredibly appealing. It is known for its fabulous looks, a mesmerizing soundtrack and an insane speed which blends together, make it the most desirable vehicle that can be owned.

Technical specifications

Below are mentioned technical specs of Mercedes Benz that makes it superior among its competitors.

  • Engine: V8 Bi-Turbo 5,461cc petrol engine
  • Power: 420 kW
  • Torque: 760 Nm
  • Acceleration (0 to 100km/h): 5.4
  • Top Speed (km per hour): 210
  • Fuel Economy: 13.8liters
  • Engine Power: 420kW
  • CO2 Emissions: 322g

Support to 300 authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers

Owner of AMG Mercedes Benz gets access to more than three hundred authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers all over the country. Technicians at this firm are equipped with the latest inspection tools, perform approved procedures, and use genuine parts. You will get an advantage of amazing financing deals.


Charisma, space, comfort, and driving enjoyment, all of them make Mercedes AMG the most desirable vehicle in the present automobile industry. The brilliant driving experience that it provides to its owners is difficult to be found elsewhere.


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