Probably the most fashionable accessories for women and men to put on today, may be the watch. This practical accessory constitutes a statement regarding your style. You will find an array of designs available to select from for example are fashion watches, sports watches and wrist watches.

Typically the most popular and classy watch design may be the analogue face, with hands to let you know time. Digital style designed watch is extremely practical and it is employed for sports watches. Watches vary from plain designs to fashion designs with photos evidently (Piece of fabric watch) right through to wrist watches which may be encrusted with diamonds.

There are several beautiful designed watches for both women and men. The bracelet watch out for women is a well-liked choice, its a good searching bit of jewellery and could be worn for that office or on the balancing.

Timepieces were first introduced by Patek Phillippe in 1868. At the moment timepieces were worn only by women, these were really considered unmanly. Later in 1907 Alberto Santos-Dumont, an aviator who ran the invention from the plane requested uncle Louis Cartier to create a wrist watch for him, some thing practical compared to pocket watch. Louis Cartier created a watch design. This design was utilized by soldiers within the military because it was better and reliable compared to pocket watch. Soon the watch grew to become more socially appropriate for men.

Celebrities love buying watches and spend lots of cash in it. A wrist watch is a bit of jewellery that isn’t only practical but constitutes a statement about style and financial status. R & B singer Usher includes a real desire for watches and owns a group that includes roughly 40 watches. His watches vary from Cartier Santos Dumont, Audemars Piguet to Panerai Luminor, varying in cost from £7,425 – £61,000.


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