aFor a lot of people, contact lenses (simply called contacts) are not the right option. If you are one of them, it is necessary to ensure that your eyeglasses don’t look boring. The eyewear industry is expanding with time, and every year, there is an influx of new trends. In this post, we are discussing the varied new styles worth trying in eyeglasses, but before that, please look for eye exam near me and make sure that your prescription is updated.

More of signature colors

Back in time, colors like red, blue and orange were considered to be bold, but not anymore. Today, it is all about finding signature colors, which may work perfectly for your personality. No color is off-limit, even for work.

Go big and large

Large, oversized frames in diverse shapes have been trending for a while now. In fact, the term ‘nerd’ is not bad anymore. More people are wearing eyeglasses that are way bigger than their face, which also eliminates the vision problems on the side – a complain that many have.

Aviators with a difference

If you are not a fan of those tear-shaped aviators, the new trend is all about unique shapes. You will find aviator frames that have a more rounded or squared look, and the balance is just right, so you can actually wear the pair to work.

Bring on the animal prints

From tortoiseshell to leopard to even tiger-prints, this is one trend that has been coming back in vogue time and again. Animal prints on broad, nerdy frames are not just simplistic and stylish, but are also minimalistic enough to be daily-wear glasses. You can also go for funky colors, instead of following the natural mix.

More of detailing

From extra add-ons and embellishments to octagon-shaped glasses and floral patterns, there are no fixed norms anymore. Brands are more likely to experiment further, so what may seem weird and unique is actually the new idea worth trying. It is a good idea to go out of your comfort zone and invest in more than one design.

If you want to go for quality lenses and frames from some of the popular brands, online stores are likely to offer better products and prices. In fact, discounts and offers are great online, and you can even place an order for two new pairs together. Find the trend that works for you and start shopping!


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