Chocolate is something almost everyone loves to eat. Because of its flexible nature, any individual can easily find a kind they like, whether they want the bitter tang of dark chocolate or the sweetness of milk chocolate. Also, chocolate tends to pair well with other ingredients such as fruits and nuts. This means there is always a variety to try on regularly and those want to order in bulk just need to check out

Wherever you go in the world, you can surely find chocolate in some form. Aside from traditional chocolate candies and bars, a lot of countries use unique and fun ways to eat chocolate. A number of chocolate uses have cultural significance and some are just mouth-watering. Here are ways people around the world enjoy their chocolate:


As a French Treat

Traditionally, the people in France serve themselves the French treat called mendicant around Christmas. This chocolate dish is originally inspired by Christian significance. It was topped by some fruits and nuts intended to signify the Catholic Church’s monastic orders. These food items include almonds, dried figs, hazelnut, and raisins.

These days, people can stop mendicants with anything to create something that perfectly suits their taste or their loved ones’. Famous toppings include fruit peels, seeds, and pretzels.

As an North American Sauce

The chili-based sauce called mole in Mexico was originally served with different meats. But, modern mole includes chocolate to keep the spicy peppers from overwhelming the other flavors. Chocolate becomes an important ingredient in a sauce which mainly consists of fruits, chilies, spices, and nuts. Beyond Mexico, chocolate can take center stage on an occasional basis.

In Guatemala, a chocolate-heavy mole sauce is made including chilies, pumpkin seeds, and tomatoes. The sauce is served topped with sesame seeds and served over fried plantains.  Sometimes, recipes in North America make use of chocolate mole sauce traditionally and serve it with meat. This means that chocolate can work beyond being a dessert.

As Australia’s Favorite Cake

This popular cake is called Tim Tam. With its three distinct chocolate layers, there is no reason any chocolate lover will not want it. The cake is made by having two chocolate biscuits sandwiching a chocolate cream filling. It is covered in pure milk chocolate. The Tim Tam is a centerpiece in the famous Time Tam Slam, which is a good pastime Australians take part in.


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