If your child needs a piano, buying a used piano can be a good decision. However, keep in mind that your needs a piano which plays and sounds perfectly. Buying an old clunker from someone’s basement may only disappoint the learner. It is imperative to ensure you know what to look for in terms of buying the instrument. The many options available can easily overwhelm you. When buying a used piano for your learner, consider the following factors:

Quality of the Piano

A piano’s components (interior and exterior) play an important role in the quality of the instrument. Make sure you buy a used piano that has high-quality strings and soundboard for an improved range and resonance. The instrument’s tuning ability must also be paid attention to because this can affect its longevity. Keep in mind that no matter how well crafted the piano’s interiors are, a poorly made cabinet will impact its sound in a negative way. You can also determine a piano’s quality by its grade with Grade 1 being the highest.

Know that Bigger is Better

In general, bigger pianos tend to produce higher quality sounds because their longer strings produce a smoother sound as registers are being transitioned. Although it would have been great to give your learner a concert piano, you must consider the space available for this instrument in your home. It just does not make sense to buy a bigger piano if it doesn’t fit your house. Moreover, the size of the room will affect the piano’s acoustics. Usually, people who learn to play the instrument and practice will want to use upright and baby grand pianos. However, you can also opt for full-sized keyboards that have weighted keys if your space is limited.

Consider your Budget

Often, the piano prices are determined by its size and quality. Although a higher quality piano tends to be more costly, remember that it is made of durable materials, which makes them last for many years. But, you can also choose from less costly models if your budget is tight. Used pianos for sale are usually a good deal but make sure you have the piano checked by a technician before you buy it.  Keep in mind that repairing a defective piano will cost you more money which will not give justice to the savings you enjoy for buying a used piano.

 Pay Attention the Appearance of the Piano

Some people don’t really care about the look of their piano but you might want to get one that your learner will like. Remember that your piano will be a statement piece in your house. Pianos are available in a variety of styles and shades. The most popular colors include mahogany and black because they compliment a variety of home decor.

Consider your Child’s Interest

Your child may be planning to pursue a casual hobby or taking their pianos lessons seriously. As a beginner, they may not be sure about how much commitment they can provide. Because of this, you may want to buy a medium quality piano or a full-size keyboard rather than buying a more expensive model.


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