Purchasing high-end purses is not a big deal if you can afford it. However, you may end up spending too much on a purse that is not worth the purchase. According to experts, the majority of high-end purses can only serve the purpose of being a flaunting item but may not last for a while. However, Italian bags are worth every penny you spend on them because they showcase both aesthetics and quality.

To invest in a bag that will last for years, you should focus on using it as a fashion accessory or a unit for storing your items. When selecting leather, know the difference between top grain, full grain, and genuine leather. These are the most kinds of leather in the market today.

Top Grain Leather

This kind of leather is made with the hide left after using the top surface. Often, the top surface is painted to conceal the flaws and improve the texture. Check out florenceleathermarket to find bags made of this leather.

Full Grain Leather

This leather is made of the highest quality hide. Making this leather does not involve a sanding process which can eliminate the natural look of the grains. Full grain leather keeps its natural look, showing the animal hide’s raw texture. Bags made of this leather feature the highest quality.

Genuine Leather

This leather is made using the sanding process to wash away some of its natural looks. Usually, genuine leather is mistaken to be high grade and top quality leather. However, it is still inferior to top grain and full grain leather. Peering leather closely can help in determining cheaper leather. Low-quality leather often has a bluish look in the middle.

Among these three types of leather, full grain leather is the most durable and requires the least maintenance. The reason is that the leather is made with the hide below the hair, retaining its natural characteristics. Because the leather is not touched, it has more fiber and strength which stays intact even after some time.

Now that you know the difference between the three kinds of leather, you are now well-equipped with the knowledge of which leather bag to buy. To be sure about the item you get, go for Italian leather bags. But, you can only make the right choice if you know how to spot a fake leather bag. Use the pieces of information above to make the best choice of leather handbag.


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