Diamonds are super expensive, and it is easy to understand why people are apprehensive about shopping for diamonds, especially from online stores. Buying a diamond requires understanding of a few aspects (we will talk on that in a bit), but some of the best stores and merchants are now online. You can choose one of the known diamond merchants to literally have a gemstone collection at disposal on your screen. If you are buying diamonds online for the first time, we have a guide that will simply point out the things you need to know.

  • Trust counts. When it comes to diamonds, you want to be sure that the merchant or seller is a known one and will only sell authentic gemstones with a certificate. As a norm, always deal with diamond merchants, who are also willing to buy back your diamonds, if and when need be. They should at least take back the diamonds they have sold and offer the right price. Do not compromise on this aspect and don’t be tempted to buy diamonds from a relatively unknown website or a pawn shop. Gemstones are meant to be investments, and you need to think of it like that.

  • Always research the basics. Diamonds are priced on four major aspects – cut, color, carat and clarity. Each of these 4 Cs have different values, and it is often necessary to compromise one of the aspects for the other. For example, if you are just focused on the cut and not the weight of the diamond, you can go for a brilliant-cut diamond that doesn’t rank high on carat. In case of colored diamonds, the color gets foremost importance over clarity and cut. It depends on what you need and what you are willing to pay.
  • Ask for certification. For diamonds, you cannot buy with a certificate. Certification from one of the known labs, such as GIA, is always important and works like an assurance that the diamond is worth the price paid. This will also come in handy for investment reasons, so that you can get the price when required.

Finally, don’t shy away from discussing and asking questions before buying a diamond. Some of the best online stores have amazing online and phone support for buyers, and everything is absolutely transparent, including the price. With a good diamond merchant, you can get the right price and a much wider range of choices.


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